Native Ads Are For Everyone, Literally Everyone!

Written by Kimberly Lazaro

Ah, the wild world of advertising! It’s a jungle out there, and every business is fighting tooth and nail to get its message across to the elusive consumer species. But fear not, for there’s a secret weapon in this marketing wilderness – enter the cunning chameleon of the ad world: Native Advertising!

The term “native” refers to the ad’s ability to mimic the style, design, and behavior of the platform’s regular content, such as articles, videos, or social media posts. Native ads are often labeled as “sponsored,” “promoted,” or “ad” to maintain transparency and let users know that they are promotional content. 

Here are the main points to it:

The Chameleon’s Disguise

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your favorite website, engrossed in its captivating content. Suddenly, you stumble upon an ad that seems so seamlessly woven into the site that you almost can’t tell the difference. Behold the chameleon in action – native ads! These crafty creatures have mastered the art of blending in with their surroundings, catching you off guard with their sneaky tactics.

The Hunter’s Creed

Native advertising follows a sacred creed: “Thou shalt not disrupt the user experience!” Unlike those pesky banner ads that rudely pop up when you least expect it, native ads respect your digital habitat. They provide relevant, useful information without screaming, “Hey, look at me, I’m an ad!” It’s like having a friendly conversation with a fellow internet dweller who just happens to have a product or service to offer.

The Survival of the Wittest

In the great advertising survival of the fittest, native ads reign supreme. With their high adaptability, they can take various forms, from sponsored articles to in-feed ads, recommended content, and more. They blend seamlessly with the platform’s natural elements, making them the true chameleons of the digital kingdom.

Unmasking the Charade

But wait, isn’t it deceitful to disguise ads as regular content? Not at all! Native ads come with a badge of honor – a “Sponsored” or “Ad” label. They wear it with pride, telling users, “Hey, I’m an ad, but I promise not to be annoying!” Transparency is the key to building trust in the wild realm of advertising, and native ads embrace it like a survival instinct.

The Dance of Engagement

Now, you might wonder, do these sneaky ads actually work? Oh, they do! Native ads are the charmers of the digital savannah, captivating their audience with relevant content and tailoring their messages to match user interests. They enjoy higher engagement rates, increased click-throughs, and, ultimately, a better chance of conversion.

In another aspect, how do you pick the perfect platform and format for your native ad-ventures? 

Here are some tips:

Know Thy Audience, Know Thyself

Before you set sail, study your target audience like a seasoned detective. Unearth their digital lairs, decipher their online habits, and uncover their favorite haunts. Armed with this knowledge, you shall wield the power to select platforms where your audience roams more frequently  and find trending formats that speak their language.

The Wild Wild Web: Platform Exploration

Venture into the bustling realms of social media, the untamed territories of content discovery networks, and the serene meadows of news websites. Embrace the adventurer’s spirit as you evaluate their user demographics, engagement rates, and potential reach.

Platform Relevance

As you tread the treacherous path of native ads, remember the ancient wisdom – “Fit in or fade away!” Your chosen platform must harmonize with your brand’s voice and values. A delightful meme may thrive in the wilds of Twitter, but it may be out of place in the scholarly sanctuaries of LinkedIn. Align your native ad with the platform’s ecosystem, and your message shall resonate with the audience like a harmonious melody.

The Grand Quest: Define Your Objectives

Every journey needs a destination, and so does your native ad-venture! What quests do you seek to conquer? Boost brand awareness, seize the treasure of leads, or charm the masses into conversion? Define your campaign goals, and the compass of your strategy shall steer true.

Gold Coins & Budgets: Investment Considerations

Beware the pitfalls of overspending! Mind your gold coins and choose platforms and formats that bestow the greatest ROI. A splash in the social media seas may yield great returns, but a ripple in a niche content discovery pool may create a tidal wave of success. Be strategic, like a shrewd merchant bartering for the finest goods.

These are only a few tips, book a discussion with Squirrel Media for more! Hey, I Just Met You, This is Crazy! | Contact Me Maybe?

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So there you have it, brave ones of the marketing wilderness: native advertising, the elusive chameleon of the ad game! With its camouflaging prowess, respect for user experience, and transparency in its tactics, it’s no wonder these sly creatures have become the darlings of the digital kingdom. Embrace the art of native advertising, and you’ll conquer the jungle of marketing with wit and flair!

Remember, as the saying goes, “When in the wild world of advertising, do as the natives do!” And here at Squirrel Media, we understand native like the nut to our tree. Book us for your native ads needs!

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